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Church Member Services

  * Music Ministry


Music Director:  Melissa Allen Pineda

Our music department consists of Praise Singers, Choir, Special Singers, Trios, etc. We attempt to include a variety of styles in our music. We love "Praise & Worship" time and always seem to have such a move of God in our services. Praise God! Thank you Melissa for leading us with your anointed singing.

Song Director:  Peter Ferreira

For those of us who choose to hang onto our roots, we enjoy and cleave to our old church hymnals. Fortunately Pastor Allen desires for us to sing at least a couple of hymns every service.

CHOIR is every other week - as scheduled. We love our choir. We're not the biggest,  or even the best, but we sure work hard at it and try to have a great sound. Most of all - our members worship. Thank you choir members for your dedication.


Regular Musicians:

          Drums - Anthony Allen and/or Travis Vallejos

          Keyboard - Barbara Peeler, Taylor Vermilion and/or Melissa Pineda

          Organ - Dwylene Allen (new training organist - Stefanie Vermilion)

          Saxophone - John C. Ferreira

          Trumpet (Flugal Horn) - Pastor Robert Allen

          Bass Guitar - Anthony Allen